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How scammers used a silicone mask and Skype to impersonate a French minister and steal $90 million
(Jun 2019) French investigators are probing whether a conman who became known as the “Fake Chairman” for scamming banks out of millions of dollars by posing as a top-ranking executive gave himself a promotion —

How to uninstall Skype App in Windows 10
(Jun 2019) Skype is Microsoft’s in-house communication tool, which is used for voice calls, video calls, messaging, sharing screen, and at many other places. While it is still in Enterprise where Microsoft

18OO24676O9 How to number and Delete Your Old SKYPE Email Address
(Jun 2019) We provide you with complete tech s support for . You will need SKYPE FD LASER credentials for setup and access. No need to wait for our expert technical team is available toll free number.

A legendary venture capitalist who made early investments in Twitter and Skype explains why he turned down Netflix — and what he learned from it
(Jun 2019) No investment decision haunts legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper like his choice to turn down the opportunity to become an early investor in Netflix. In a recent segment of Entrepreneur’s The

Grifters use mask, Skype to impersonate French minister, steal millions
(Jun 2019) French investigators are probing whether a conman who became known as the “Fake Chairman” for scamming banks out of millions of dollars by posing as a top-ranking executive gave himself a promotion –

Surgical Skype
(Jun 2019) In a country with limited resources, might social media be useful in the post-surgical care of patients in their own homes? That is the question researchers from India hope to answer with their

Paedophile tradie used Skype to have ‘relationship’ with two young girls in Philippines
(Jun 2019) A convicted paedophile who used Skype to carry out an online relationship with two Filipino girls under the age of eight, has been jailed for more than seven years. Matthias Wolfgang Baden, 58,

Convicted child sex offender behind bars again for illicit Skype relationship with Filipino children under the age of 12
(Jun 2019) A 58-year-old convicted child sex offender will spend at least seven years and four months behind bars for using Skype to conduct a sexual “live distance” relationship with two young children in the

Skype Now Lets You Share Your Screen on Mobile
(Jun 2019)   MakeUseOfSkype now lets anyone share their screen on iOS and Android  The VergeSkype publicly launches screen sharing on iOS and Android  TechCrunchSkype brings screen sharing to Android and iOS devices  EngadgetSkype screen sharing comes to Android and iOS  VentureBeatView full coverage on Google News

How to delete Skype – TechRadar
(since May, 2019) How to delete Skype  TechRadar

Skype may be one of the most popular video calling apps, allowing users to speak to friends and family around the globe, either for free, or at very low rates.

‘Skype doctors’ prevent 3000 A&E visits in Manchester
(Jun 2019)   Digital Health

The on-call Skype NHS team takes around 8000 calls per year from wardens working in sheltered accommodation, care home staff and community teams.

Skype Williams’ Debut EP Is Backstreet Boys Meets Nas. But Gay.
(Jun 2019)   Out Magazine

Queens-native Skype Williams has made a name for himself in New York’s queer nightlife scene—DJing parties like Papi Juice, Bubble_T, and the legendary .

Skype doctors freed up 2000 GP appointments over the past two years
(since May, 2019)   Pulse

Doctors and nurses who are using Skype to treat older people in their homes have freed up 2000 GP appointments, according to NHS England.

ECJ ruling says Skype VoIP service can be subject to telecoms regulation
(Jun 2019)   Verdict

It’s official – again: Across the EU zone, Skype is indeed a communications *service* provider, and should, therefore, be subject to the same level of regulation as .

Skype Screen Sharing now available for mobile users
(Jun 2019)   Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 ― It’s been awhile since we’ve heard much about Skype, with other voice and video chat apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook .

Skype Screen Sharing Is Now Also Available On Android And iOS
(Jun 2019)   We are Social Media

It’s been two months since Skype announced it’s bringing screen sharing to its mobile apps, and the feature is finally here!

Skype for Business Server 2019 Hotfix 1 Release (not CU1)
(Jun 2019)   Tom Talks Blog

This week we got Skype for Business Server 2019 Hotfix (HF1). Thanks to my college Tobie Fysh for flagging this one being released. A Hotfix is generally .

B-Sure brings Skype call recording company CallCabinet to Australia
(Jun 2019)   CRN Australia

Call recording company Call Cabinet will debut an Australian presence thanks to South Africa’s B-Sure Group.

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