My Kitchen Rules contestant Karito Acuna suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

They plummeted straight to the bottom of the leader board after scoring just 38 points for their catastrophic Instant Restaurant.

But for Karito, it seems the bad luck didn’t stop there – as one eagle-eyed viewer pointed out that she also suffered a wardrobe malfunction.’

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Whoops! Karito Acuna (left) suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Wednesday’s episode of My Kitchen Rules – so why didn’t anyone tell her?’

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However, one person was less convinced and suggested that the ‘nip slip’ was actually just an item of clothing.

‘Did MKR just show a nip slip?’ One eagle-eyed viewer pointed out on Twitter that’Karito appeared to flash a nipple in her perilously low-cut dress

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My Kitchen Rules: Perth pair Karito and Ian crash and burn in MKR instant restaurant

The pair scored a collective 38 out of 130 for their three course menu – a world away from the 96 scored by fellow Perth pair Amanda and Blake the previous night.

Karito wanted to showcase her South American heritage with the menu, which started with papa rellena, a deep-fried ball of mince and potato.

Pete Evans scored the dish a five and Manu Feildel a six, with both judges commenting the ratios were off.

‘The papa themselves are generous, golden, crispy but there is a little but too much potato compared to the filling,’ Feildel said.

‘The filling, it’s nice, but then suddenly you are left with a lot of potato’.it’s a homely recipe and very enjoyable, but it could have been a little bit better.

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