Gigi Hadid had the top three Instagram posts of the CFDAs

Gigi Hadid achieved the best social media interaction at the CFDA Fashion Awards. The 23-year-old model - who wore a multi-coloured Versace jumpsuit to the glitzy event in New York - earned the top three highest rates of interaction for her Instagra .

Seven times Taylor Swift has been the most EXTRA person ever

Ahead of Taylor Swift's two Croke Park gigs on Friday and Saturday, we've rounded up seven times the hitmaker has been the most EXTRA person ever. The time she took on Apple'and won! ' Prior information available. Jumping ahead.

Lykke Li takes a new angle with ‘so sad so sexy’

'The Michigan Daily ' On her first three albums, Lykke Li created a signature style for herself, showing significant talent in the innovative lyrics, rhythm and instrumentation of her material and carving out a niche in the indie pop scene.

Strong Teeth Are Sexy!

'WTMJ-TV (press release) (blog) ' We're all told to brush and floss our teeth. But why exactly is it so important?