Petition for trolls to be held accountable for abuse sees signatures surge

The Only Way is Essex star Bobby Norris has seen signatures for his petition to parliament surge over night.

The reality star is calling on the Government to hold online trolls accountable for their online abuse via their IP address.

“However if their internet service providers were required to block their access to social media, and social media companies blocked their IP addresses, it would be far harder for them to get another account and continue their abuse.”

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He also wrote on Instagram earlier today: “‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ .. – I couldn’t DISAGREE more!!

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TOWIE star Bobby Norris’ anti-trolling campaign to reach parliament ‘ as Jesy Nelson speaks out on online bullying

Bobby Norris’ petition has almost reached 100,000 signatures meaning soon MPs must debate on trolling.

For many celebrities the horrid words from social media users are too much to take. It is the general consensus that the vile things said are fuelled, in part, by the anonymity afforded to people online.

You wouldn’t walk up to someone in a bar and call them ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ yet hidden behind the blue light of a screen and suddenly people feel protected enough to do so.

Bobby has created an online petition, that has already garnered over 94,000 signatures, in a bid to end trolling. The petition is asking for simple reform that might make many think twice about writing nasty words.

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Israel’s troll army rides to Jake Tapper’s rescue

CNN’s Jake Tapper used the massacre of 22 people by a white supremacist in El Paso, Texas, last month as an opportunity to egregiously smear Palestinians. (via

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This comes as Tapper faces withering criticism for his anti-Palestinian comments made in the wake of last month’s massacre of 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

In an outrageous and egregious move, Tapper tried to tie the kind of white supremacist rhetoric that motivated the gunman to target Latinos to the way Palestinians ‘talk about Israelis.’

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What is the law around internet trolls and trolling?

Celebs like Jesy Nelson have opened up about being trolled relentlessly – but what are the laws around trolling? Here’s what we know.

The word ‘troll’ is slang for a person who deliberately starts arguments on the internet with the aim of provoking an individual or group into a reaction.

It can be done because they genuinely want a healthy debate, or because the troll simply enjoys winding people up.

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