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Phil Mitchells Masturbation Admission Stuns Eastenders Viewers

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There was something different here. I have no clue what happened. I am not making this up. It is like the model Gigi Hadid wearing her complete outfit for a change. In the meantime we will work on fixing this. Because I have nothing better to do.

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Phil Mitchell’s masturbation admission stuns EastEnders viewers
(Feb 2019) The nation was left spitting out their tea in utter shock at Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) solo sex admission in last night’s EastEnders. There was an air of disbelief over the country as

EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen in knife drama over dangerous Hunter
(Feb 2019) If Mel’s not already afraid of her son, she probably should be . Phil Mitchell’s masturbation admission stuns EastEnders viewers Hunter Owen’s dramatic EastEnders exit revealed as the police

Here’s why EastEnders isn’t on tonight – EastEnders schedule changes
(Feb 2019)

EastEnders fans won’t be treated to their usual dose of Walford action later on as there is no episode this evening (February 1).

EastEnders spoilers – Phil Mitchell’s dramatic return story revealed
(some months now)

EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell could face two shocking discoveries when he returns to Albert Square next week.

EastEnders spoilers – Phil Mitchell makes shock return tonight
(some months now)

EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell will return to Walford tonight (November 22) just as his wife Sharon is rekindling her fling with Keanu Taylor.

EastEnders spoilers – Phil Mitchell return date confirmed
(some months now)

EastEnders ​ has confirmed when Phil Mitchell will be heading back to Walford – and it’s sooner than you might think.

Phil Lord And Chris Miller To Make Hybrid Film ‘Last Human’ For Sony
(Feb 2019)   Cartoon Brew

Sony Pictures, through its Tristar label, has signed a multi-million deal to produce Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s next tentpole feature, Last Human. According to .

EastEnders fans love it as ‘Old Phil Mitchell’ returns
(months ago)

EastEnders’ gang war escalated out of control in Friday’s (August 10) episode, but at least fans’ hopes of Phil Mitchell finally getting involved came to pass.

EastEnders – Phil Mitchell’s most explosive feuds ranked
(months ago)

Well, well, so it seems as if EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell has made himself an enemy in the form of Steve Owen’s son Hunter. But what’s new? During his decades .

BORDER EMERGENCY push puts BECERRA in spotlight — LEE endorses HARRIS with KAMALA in TRUMP’s sights — MCCARTHY pushes back on TRUMP money grab — HOLLY MITCHELL’S next move
Feb 15th, 2019 14:14 UTC   Politico

THE BUZZ: “Ridiculous.” “Desperate.” “A clear abuse of power.” — California Democrats were predictably swift to decry Donald Trump’s plans for a national .

EastEnders: who is Ritchie Scott? All you need to know about Walford’s hot shot lawyer
(months ago)   Radio Times

EastEnders welcomes back a familiar face on Friday 21 September as formidable legal eagle Ritchie Scott returns to take on Mick Carter’s case in the attempted .

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell is charging selfies for £2 at nightclub event
(months ago)

Steve McFadden charging £2 for the chance to meet him and get a selfie.

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