Red hot! Love Island’s Cassidy McGill risks a wardrobe malfunction in a daring thigh

Love Island’s Cassidy McGill led the pack of celebrities fronting up at the Swim Co Australia event in Sydney on Saturday.

* * *

The form-fitting pants clung to the beauty’s figure and featured a daring thigh-split that exposed her tan lines.

* * *

She wore her blonde hair in a half-up and half-down combination, completing her outfit with a shoulder bag and black sandal heels.’

Cassidy isn’t the only star to have graced the red carpet at Swim Co Australia, which has been touted as the Australian answer to Miami Swim Week.

* * *

Reunited:’The reality star posed alongside fellow Love Island Australia contestant Edyn Mackney (pictured)

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This Week’s Wedding Announcements

Ms. Reif and Mr. Ehrlich met in 1998 when each had a child enrolled in nursery school at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.

Through the years, their paths crossed at work-related and charitable events, and Mr. Ehrlich admitted to having ‘a secret little crush on her.’

In May 2015, during a chance encounter with Ms. Reif at a Manhattan restaurant, Mr. Ehrlich made no secret about his long-held feelings.

At the time, Ms. Reif was in the early stages of a divorce from a 27-year marriage. She was having dinner with two of her sisters when Mr. Ehrlich, who was already divorced and on a date with another woman, walked past their table on his way to the bathroom.

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Arrow season 7, episode 2 recap: Why did William go to Lian Yu?

In last week’s season premiere, Arrow introduced a compelling new mystery. An unknown individual had taken up the mantle of Green Arrow unbeknownst to the rest of the team. And the show also revealed that some 20 years in the future, Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) son William (Ben Lewis) traveled to Lian Yu and met a grizzled Roy (Colton Haynes). Tying the two threads together, I posited that the future William had traveled back in time to uphold his father’s legacy. And while ‘The Longbow Hunters’ didn’t confirm anything, it did offer more evidence that William is the new Emerald Archer. But is the show trying to mislead viewers?

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10 Things to Ponder on Ms. Reif

This is a psychology test (There are no correct answers)

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I deleted my blogs, and only use Ms. Reif for my Twitter, did not think twice, just clicked delete. (My hosting company has automatic backup.)
I've built 20 plugins to handle many things in concept for Ms. Reif , like custom form submission with automatic user registration.
If anyone requires spam detection, creating unlisted pages, podcast generation, contests and polls, tell Ms. Reif it's done.
YouTube embeds and live streaming, media players, newsletters, auto template switch based on page meta data, redirection exit page, and much more.
My website is Ms. Reif (I've not been maintaining it, but it has some of the plugin features I mentioned above.)
And I recently started back my stackoverflow responses. I've only had the chance to help a few individuals there so far.
Before that, I was busy working on my plans to infiltrate the KGB (they are still around, under a different name).
I eventually realized it just isn't worth the time. So am switching back to obtaining a job with Ms. Reif . Hope to get a gig.