Taylor Swift Explains Why Country Music Contributed to Her Lack of Political Activism

Taylor Swift‘spent her entire career putting up an’apolitical front, but that all changed last October when she announced her’endorsement‘of’House member Jim Cooper’and’former governor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen in his race for a’Senate seat’on Instagram. Swift explained in her post that her silence throughout the years was due to previously being “reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions.”‘

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Taylor Swift Explains Why Country Music Contributed to Her Lack of Political Activism

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Taylor delved even further into what factored into her silence, explaining why she believes that being a country artist forced her at a young age to veer as far away from’politics as possible.’

“I come from’country music,” she said. “The number one thing they absolutely drill into you as a country artist, and you can ask any other country artist this, is ‘Don’t be like the Dixie Chicks!'”‘

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‘I just knew I wasn’t going to help’: Taylor Swift finally explains why she didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton

When Taylor Swift declined to endorse a candidate in the 2016 election ‘ posting only a cryptic picture of herself standing in line at a polling station with an encouragement to her followers to ‘Go out and VOTE’ ‘ theories about her silence abounded.

Now, in a new interview with Vogue that appeared online Thursday and will run in the magazine’s September issue, the singer has finally broken her silence and explained why she refrained from endorsing Clinton, even as she was pilloried for her neutrality.

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Everything Taylor Swift Said About Weinstein, Being Groped, and That ‘Apocalyptic’ Summer of 2016

In a lengthy interview, the singer touched on Joe Alwyn, Trump, Hillary, that Kardashian-West feud, and why she always has a camera trained on her “ass” at meet-and-greets.

* * *

There was her involvement — or rather, lack of involvement — in the Presidential race. She met boyfriend Joe Alwyn. And of course, there was the famous “Famous” Kardashian/Kanye feud.

On Saturday, the singer addressed all of these and more in a wide ranging interview with The Guardian. Here are the biggest take-aways:

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Chrissy Teigen Calls Kid Rock ‘Pathetic’ After He Criticizes Taylor Swift for Her Political Views

Kid Rock tweeted on Friday claiming that Taylor Swift “wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies”

* * *

In response, Teigen, 33, fired back by writing in a tweet, ‘you’re pathetic. ‘ Chrissy Teigen.’

* * *

Though it’s unclear what prompted Kid Rock’s outburst, Swift’s Vogue cover story in which she brings up politics was released just a day earlier. In the story, Swift, 29, discussed the public scrutiny she faced due to her lack of candidate endorsements in the previous presidential campaign.

‘Unfortunately in the 2016 election you had a political opponent who was weaponizing the idea of the celebrity endorsement,’ she said of Donald Trump, though she did not refer to him by name.

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