Taylor Swift Said to Use Facial Recognition to Identify Stalkers

When Taylor Swift played the Rose Bowl in May, a kiosk was set up for adoring fans to view videos of her. But there may have been more to that screen than met the eye.

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According to an interview in Rolling Stone, the kiosk took photos of people looking at the videos. The images were sent back to a ‘command post’ in Nashville where they were cross-referenced, using facial recognition technology, with a database of people who had been identified as potential stalkers of the pop star.

The use of facial recognition was revealed by Mike Downing, the chief security officer of Oak View Group, an entertainment company, who told Rolling Stone that he observed the technology firsthand as a guest of the company that designed the kiosks.

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John Mayer praises Taylor Swift in concert – Channel3000.com – WISC

(CNN) – Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, has some thoughts about her hit album, “Reputation.”

The singer was performing at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles earlier this week when Swift’s latest collection came up.

“I was thinking about reputation,” Mayer reportedly said. “Not the album, but it’s fine. It’s a fine piece of work.”

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Ticketmaster To Incorporate Facial Recognition Technology Into Presence

The Austin-based tech company claims the technology is applicable not only for live events, but in the healthcare industry and in other commercial buildings to ‘monitor employee location and space utilization.’ The company is led by CEO Mary Haskett and CTO Alex Kilpatrick.

A statement said that the companies became acquainted through the 2018 Techstars Music Accelerator program.

Ticketmaster Presence is the integration of different technologies into one digital pass that it says will expedite entry and waiting times; facilitate better communication between fans, staff and organizers; and gather data.

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10 Things to Ponder on Ticketmaster Presence

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