Taylor Swift Used Facial-Recognition Tech On Unknowing Fans To Find Stalkers

Taylor Swift has stumbled into the somewhat delicate matter of privacy concerns with her high-tech effort to identify stalkers at her spring Rose Bowl concert in California.

The complete details. The source code.

Fans of the pop star were unknowingly monitored by facial-recognition technology at Swift’s May performance at the stadium,’according to a Rolling Stone report. The system,’built into a kiosk showcasing rehearsal footage for Swift’s Reputation tour, was intended to weed out people who threaten the pop star.

Images taken at Swift’s performance,’which boasted a guest appearance by Shawn Mendes, reportedly were sent to a ‘command post’ in Nashville to be cross-referenced against a database that included hundreds of people who had stalked the singer in the past, according to Rolling Stone.

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We gave ‘1billion aid to India as they built ‘330million statue

Britain donated more than ‘1billion to India in the years when it was lavishing a fortune on building the world’s tallest statue, figures show

The colossal bronze memorial ‘ almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York ‘ was immediately condemned as an expensive vanity project when it was unveiled on Wednesday.

In the 56 months it took to construct the ‘330million Statue of Unity, UK taxpayers gave India ‘1.17billion in foreign aid, according to official figures.

Ticketmaster To Incorporate Facial Recognition Technology Into Presence

The Austin-based tech company claims the technology is applicable not only for live events, but in the healthcare industry and in other commercial buildings to ‘monitor employee location and space utilization.’ The company is led by CEO Mary Haskett and CTO Alex Kilpatrick.

A statement said that the companies became acquainted through the 2018 Techstars Music Accelerator program.

Ticketmaster Presence is the integration of different technologies into one digital pass that it says will expedite entry and waiting times; facilitate better communication between fans, staff and organizers; and gather data.

A Detailed Explanation on Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation Tour’ Is a Total Disaster

Taylor Swift is an extremely successful and talented artist, and has earned and deserves all of the accolades, recognition, and wealth that comes with it.’ It’s important that I first make this clear.

It is the current best example of how not to sell tickets to a large tour.’ No one wants to be this case study, especially an artist who otherwise is poised and sets such an excellent example to her young fans.

The ticket ecosystem is complicated, multi-layered, and involves many players.’ Because touring and sold-out concerts have unseated the sale of albums as the biggest piece of the pie, selling tickets is now what it’s all about.’ In stumbling hard to grab the entire pie’ initial sales and all resale of tickets’ the Reputation Tour was doomed from the start.

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