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TOWIE stars Dan Edgar and Chloe Sims started a secret romance in Thailand, sending shockwaves around their friendship group who were also on holiday with them.

Amber’s best friend Courtney Green, who is also appearing on Celebs On The Ranch, has already made her feelings about the pair clear, and thinks Amber should return to the show to confront the pair.

She told Daily Star Online: “What I said was just my opinion, I don’t think I have said anything horrible or unfair about Chloe and Dan, but people forget Amber is my best friend and this is her ex-boyfriend.

This may worth something:

TOWIE: Dan Edgar is ‘still in touch’ with ex Amber Turner despite Chloe Sims romance

And Georgia Kousoulou, 27, launches into a fiery rant at Courtney Green, 23, in upcoming scenes of Sunday’s hit ITVBe show.’

In a clip obtained from The Sun, it sees’Georgia warn’Courtney that her thoughts on’Chloe and Dan will ‘f**k up’ their romance, after she claims he’s still in touch with his ex Amber Turner.’

During their conversation, Georgia blames Courtney, who is best friends with Dan’s former flame Amber, for rocking the boat as she lays into her.’

Georgia begins: ‘When we’re hearing your opinion, it just looks bitter on your behalf, because you’re not in the friendship group.”

Towie’s Amber Turner is STILL in love with Dan Edgar despite getting dumped, says co

Their Towie co-star Courtney Green dished the dirt on Amber’s feelings while promoting the new series of Celebs On The Ranch.

She said: “I might be putting my foot in it, it’s coming from a good place. Which some people might not agree with.

* * *

“She is not on the show right now. I really want her to come back though. I don’t know if it’s to do with what has been going on. I had it with Myles.”

* * *

She said: ‘It’s not that they’re not the real deal, it’s more that it’s just gone a bit too quick and obviously Amber is my best friend and he’s her ex-boyfriend so I’m always going to be a bit wary of the situation.

Dan Edgar ‘still in contact with ex Amber Turner’ despite relationship with Chloe Sims

In scenes from tomorrow’s episode of Towie, Courtney Green, who’s friends with Amber, makes the claim to Chloe’s mate Georgia Kousoulou.

* * *

‘And if you carry on, and people carry on with these opinions, it’s going to f*** it up for them.’

However, then Courtney dropped the bombshell: ‘Amber and Dan are still in contact with each other. This is what I’m hearing.’

* * *

Since, he and Chloe Sims have struck up an unlikely romance, with the 36-year-old insisting it’s more than a fling.

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