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There was something different here. I have no clue what happened. It's just so totally like Britney Spears running for the Governor of Florida. In the meantime we will work on fixing this. My TV is broken, so I might as well.

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Intuit CEO on Credit Karma acquisition: We want to be the ‘financial assistant in your pocket’
on 26th of May 2020 Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi discussed the company’s $7.1 billion acquisition of Credit Karma and suiting up for the virutal world.

Wanna play Animal Crossing without a Nintendo Switch? Try Pocket Camp
(May 2020) New Horizons has become a comfort blanket for Nintendo Switch players during the coronavirus pandemic. The game’s simple tasks, like catching fish and bugs, decorating your island, gardening and

President Trump Announces Deal to Cut Out-of
on 26th of May 2020 During a Rose Garden event on seniors with diabetes, President Trump announces a deal to cut out-of-pocket expenses for insulin. The president also criticizes the Affordable Care Act and says

‘Money in our pocket’: Before weekend, Ozarks city leaders anticipated large crowds
on 26th of May 2020 Cha-ching,” one official said Thursday. Days later, public officials in St. Louis County and Kansas would issue requests that people self-quarantine.

How Much Did 360 Capital Group Limited’s (ASX:TGP) CEO Pocket Last Year?
(May 2020) Tony Pitt became the CEO of 360 Capital Group Limited (ASX:TGP) in 2013. First, this article will compare CEO compensation with compensation at similar sized companies. Next, we’ll consider growth

Three’s a Charm at bet365 Poker where Pocket Pairs Mean Big Rewards
(May 2020) You already know that pocket deuces and pocket threes are the worst two pairs you can have as hole cards in no-limit Texas hold’em. They are easy enough to play preflop and if they connect to the

Animal Humane Society hoping families adopt pocket pets who still need a home
(May 2020) The Animal Humane Society (AHS) is asking pet lovers to consider bringing home a group of pets that are not getting any

How Much Did Strabag SE’s (VIE:STR) CEO Pocket Last Year?
(May 2020) At the time of writing, our data says that Strabag SE has a market cap of €2.5b, and reported total annual CEO compensation of €2.2m for the year to December 2019. That’s a notable increase of 17% on

VIDEO: Ricky David Anthony Roshell Performs ‘Penny in My Pocket’ From HELLO, DOLLY! on Woodwinds
(May 2020) Ricky David Anthony Roshell, also known as Roshell Music on YouTube, recently posted a video of himself performing Penny in My Pocket from Hello, Dolly! Roshell performed the song on all woodwind

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