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Microsoft rolls out new 3×3 grid view, ability to change message reactions and more to Skype users
on 26th of May 2020 Microsoft recently promised to continue supporting Skype, at least in the short term, and after testing some improvements in Skype Insider Preview Build 8.60, Microsoft has now rolled out Build 8.60

Microsoft promises new Skype features despite Teams for consumers launch
(May 2020) Microsoft is launching Teams for consumers, but Skype will get new features. Just look at Facebook: Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp exist.

Microsoft Says Skype Investments to Continue
on 26th of May 2020 With Teams usage surging and soon adding consumer features and Skype integration, many are wondering about the fate of Skype.

Despite success of Teams, Microsoft says they will continue to show Skype love
(May 2020) Before the current coronavirus crisis, Skype appeared to be one of Microsoft’s numerous wasted investments. Purchased in October 2011 for $8.5 billion, the product has failed to keep up with messaging

Personal Skype Is Still Open For Business
on 26th of May 2020 It is common knowledge that Skype For Business has just over a year to live, with EOL scheduled for July 31st as compa

Video conferencing comparison: Zoom vs. Facebook vs. Skype vs. Google Meet
on 26th of May 2020 Now that there are so many video conference services, which is best for you? Let’s compare Zoom, Facebook, Google Meet and Skype to find out.

Teams/Skype Interoperability has Been Delayed
on 26th of May 2020 One of the big feature updates coming to Teams that many have been waiting for is the ability to chat with Skype contacts inside the Teams application. Microsoft stated that this feature would be

Skype version 8.60 adds moderated groups and 3×3 video call grid
on 26th of May 2020 Microsoft has released a new update for the Skype app, and it adds some significant new features, including the ability to see nine video call participants at once, which was first launched in Teams.

Teams doing great for Microsoft but will the company keep investing in Skype?
on 26th of May 2020 Microsoft with its video conferencing app Teams has been witnessing a huge growth as millions of people working at home are downloading it. But Microsoft has another video conferencing application

Microsoft to keep investing in Skype despite success with Teams
(May 2020) Despite its video conferencing app Teams breaking all records in the social distancing times, Microsoft said it would continue to invest in Skype that has crossed 40 million daily active users.

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