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Many things are taking place:

Matt Lauer Reveals in His Letter He’s Actually Been Anything but ‘Silent’

Despite the vague air of self-pity that permeates his letter, Lauer never spells out what, exactly, has been so bad. As justification for his screed, he writes that these ‘false stories’ have brought him ‘harm,’ but that’s about it. ‘Like a lot of sexual assailants who use this language of their lives being ruined, [Lauer] doesn’t actually talk about how it’s been so hard for him; he doesn’t get into specifics,’ Bedera said. ‘If it’s anything like the experience of assailants I’ve interviewed, it’s likely because he would have a hard time articulating it. He didn’t lose anything, save for his high-power job.’

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Dr. Pimple Popper Just Popped A ‘Cigarette Butt’ From A Gigantic Blackhead In Instagram Video

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Apple Watch Series 5’s banner feature needs to be turned up to 11

Reviewing Apple Watch Series 5 is not hard. It is so largely similar to last year’s Series 4. It carries with it all the things that made its predecessor great ‘ the large display, haptics-enhanced Digital Crown and fall detection ‘ and marches forward with one defining feature: the always-on display. Back-to-back years of seminal moments for the Watch is an impressive feat.

From an accessibility perspective, everything that was (and remains) great about Series 4 is there in Series 5. It is the best Apple Watch to date, and it is certainly the most accessible smartwatch on the market, period. But there are a few caveats.

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