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Did You Ever Notice this Flash Easter Egg in Batman Returns?
(Jul 2020) With the news that Michael Keaton is now in talks to reprise his role as Batman three decades later in the upcoming Flash movie, appearing alongside Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, comes a new wave of fan

Android 11 Beta 2 released with all sorts of fun bugs
on 08th of Jul 2020 Google released Android 11 Beta 2 for a limited number of smartphones. Users can download the app with the full public Beta release system or with the Android Flash Tool. Users can also run

Flash on, flash off: 5 fun firefly facts
(Jul 2020) Got fireflies in your neighborhood? If so, you might find this info interesting about everyone’s favorite pyrotechnic beetle.

Flashpoint: Fans Discover The Flash Easter Egg in Batman Returns
(Jul 2020) Did you know that The Flash appeared in Batman Returns? It’s true, and you can see it for yourself in a video HERE! Batman Returns ‘ Flash Easter Egg can be found in the famous scene where Michael

10 Huge Ways The Flash Has Changed Since The Silver Age
(since Jun, 2020) The herald of the Silver Age of Comics, the Flash has been revamped and rebooted numerous times since his first appearance.

College Football News Preview 2020: Kent State Golden Flashes
(Jul 2020) Previewing, predicting, and looking ahead to the Kent State Golden Flashes season with what you need to know. – Contact/Follow @ColFootballNews & @PeteFiutak – What You Need To

Kourtney Kardashian flashes her underwear as she stretches her leg in just an over-sized Mickey Mouse T
(since Jun, 2020) As she danced around the kitchen barefoot, the 41-year-old reality star stretched her toned left leg up and ended up needing to censor her underwear with just a black heart emoji.

DC Fans Are Convinced Michael Keaton’s Flash Role Was Teased In Batman Returns
(Jul 2020) If there’s one thing movie fans are good at, it’s concocting wild theories and conspiracies about their favorite movies. With the news that Michael Keaton might be in talks to reprise his role as

Kourtney Kardashian Narrowly Avoids Flashing Fans With a Perfectly Placed Emoji
(since Jun, 2020) No wardrobe malfunctions to see hear! Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram Thursday while cooking in the kitchen to share a silly snapshot of her left leg stretched out on top of a counter. The pants

“Changes!”: Belarusian Children Have Fun Chasing Cockroach Away
(Jul 2020) A touching video from the flash mob of solidarity. Yesterday the fourteenth flash mob of solidarity was held in Belarus. Belarusians from different cities opened apartment windows, went out on

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