Who is Vanessa Woodfield in Emmerdale, who plays her and what have been her biggest storylines?

But what do we know about her and the actress who plays her? Here’s everything you need to know’ Vanessa Woodfield is the daughter of Frank Clayton and half-sister of Tracy Metcalfe and first arrived ‘

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Vanessa is a vet by trade by is currently serving out a suspension after teenagers Gabby Thomas and Liv Flaherty managed to steal ketamine from her vet’s bag and used it to spike Lisa Dingle’s drink.

She’s close friends with her co-worker Rhona Goskirk and supported her through her prescription drug addiction and rape.

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Before landing her role in Emmerdale Michelle was best known for her role as receptionist Lizzie in ITV drama The Royal.

She’s appeared in Coronation Street twice as two different characters. In 1997 she popped up as Sheila Dixon and the following year as Naomi Russell.

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Emmerdale actress engaged to show boss two months after confirming relationship

Huge congratulations are in order for Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick who has announced her engagement to show producer Kate Brooks two months after confirming their relationship. The couple, who revealed their relationship on National Coming Out Day in October, became engaged last night (12th Dec).

Michelle, who is best known for playing Vanessa Woodfield on the soap, took to Twitter to reveal that she’d been planning the engagement for months and was overjoyed that Kate had said yes, writing, ‘So after months of planning, I popped the question!!! She said yes!!! ‘ #loveislove #noordinaryproposal.’ [sic]

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Emmerdale reveals big decision for Charity and Vanessa

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10 Things to Ponder on Vanessa Woodfield

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It has been a little hot, but not much rain this past 3 weeks, Vanessa Woodfield . But you never know, it can rain so hard and later on the sun will be out.
I thought you guys were getting a lot of rain near Vanessa Woodfield .
Vanessa Woodfield was about to send a txt reminding to e-mail the item, that was about two months, so when I saw your e-mail I was exited thinking it was time.
Vanessa Woodfield haven't been involve much in about 76 years.
I was starting to hate this, because people gossip about Vanessa Woodfield and it makes me mad.
I wish people understood that there are people like Vanessa Woodfield that can do nice things for others with good intentions.
Not because Vanessa Woodfield or somone want something in return. One of my co-workers n I bought a small ice cream cake for one of the guys.
Vanessa Woodfield and I found out that people were saying that I liked Vanessa Woodfield and wanted, you know.
Seriously, why are people like that and how does this even work, Vanessa Woodfield ?
We just did it because Vanessa Woodfield can be nice and a hard worker and no one seems to ever do something nice anymore.