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Ah, young love. Amongst all the thrills, Stranger Things doesn’t shy away from its young romances, from sweet young lovebirds Mike and El to longtime love interests Jonathan and Nancy. But in the third season, an unexpected love blossoms: awkward Dustin finally gets a girlfriend, Suzie, and is able to prove that she’s real at exactly the right time ‘ by singing a duet over the radio with her! Suzie made a big impact in her short screen time, so here’s what you need to know about the talented actress who plays her!

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Who Plays Suzie In ‘Stranger Things 3’? Gabby Pizzolo Has A Ton Of Broadway Experience

Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 3. If Stranger Things decided overnight that it the show wanted to become a musical, it would be a surprisingly easy transition for much of the cast. Hear me out: A great deal of the show’s core cast has either a background in rock music (Finn Wolfhard and Joe Keery) or musical theater (Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin), and one of the show’s newest additions is also no stranger to the stage. Gabby Pizzolo plays Suzie on Stranger Things, a character whose existence is left open to interpretation for most of Season 3 until she’s needed the most. And at that point she entices Dustin to perform a duet that hints at both of their Broadway talents.

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Stranger Things-like games to keep you in the mood after watching season 3

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Yesterday you submitted to a marathon of Stranger Things, breaking occasionally for food and trips to the toilet, in order to cushion the blow of seeing one of the many spoilers already flooding your feeds. You feel happy for watching eight episodes of quality television, but also knackered. Allow me to suggest that you reinvigorate yourself with an immediate course of video games. As ever, the show, subsisting on a diet of not-so-freshly popped culture, offers up a deluge of movie and TV references. (I’ll not soon forget the sight of Will Byers, in season 1, cocooned in a thick crust of dried slime, in similar fashion to those sorry souls in Aliens.) but if you want to hit on the essential zest of the new season without reheating old Hollywood, then there are a few games that might do the trick even better.

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How Stranger Things’ Hilarious Season 3 Musical Scene And Iconic Opening Theme Came Together

Stranger Things has become known for many things since it premiered back in 2016 as one of the scariest shows on television. While the performances, scripts, and directing of course all play a part in creating the eerie atmosphere, the music is undeniably part of what made the show so iconic. The opening credits theme alone is the perfect combination of catchy and creepy to kick off episodes of this series. And then Season 3 delivered a musical scene that is bound to be iconic for entirely different reasons.

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