Yay or Nay : Alia Bhatt in Roberto Cavalli Couture

Alia Bhatt was also in attendance at the Vogue Women of the Year Awards in Mumbai earlier tonight. She looked lovely in a sexy, sheer, embellished gown by Roberto Cavalli couture.

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She looked lovely in a sexy, sheer, embellished gown by Roberto Cavalli couture. The fitted gown had a thigh high slit and was styled with black sandals and hair worn half up and half down.

It’s a stunning gown and I think she wore it well. But I wish she had done something better with her hair.

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She thinks that by wearing these clothes she will be able to match upto hotties like Deepika and katrina.Hey alia take note you can never ever be close to DP and kat’s little finger also.Trying so hard

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I don’t why but all the women who start dating Ranbir start looking ugly slowly..even Katrina before dating him she was like an angel after that everyone knows.. Now this girl also before she was pretty now wahts happening to her face.. May only Lady who looked beautiful after breaking up with Ranbir is Deepika

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