Busch Gardens on Busch Boulevard

Streets - Busch Gardens - Busch Blvd - North 40th - Parking Area

Sky - Busch Gardens - North 30th - Busch Blvd - North 40th

Busch Gardens – Sheikra Rollercoaster (Below)

Streets - Busch Gardens - Sheikra Ride


Adventure Island – Next door to Busch Gardens

Adventure Island - Across the street to Busch Gardens


University Center (North of Busch Gardens) When you will find the Hillsborough County Tax Collector

Streets - University Center - Hillsborough County Tax Collector - Tags Driver license - North of Busch Gardens

Hillsborough County Tax Collector Building (Below)

Streets - Hillsborough County Tax Collector Building - Tags Driver license


Tara’s Roti Shop (Image below) – (Next to Busch Gardens)  A popular West Indian foods destination on North 30th Street.
Looking for more familiar restaurants,  continue in either directions on North 30th : South to Busch Blvd or north to Fowler.

Streets - Tara Roti Shop - North 30th - Across the street from Busch Gardens


Picture taken at the City of Temple Terrace on 56th Street
A sign points the way to Busch Gardens which is a few streets to the west of Downtown Temple Terrace.

Sign to Busch Gardens before intersections on 56 Street


Just south of Downtown Temple Terrace is the Hillsborough River.  This picture is taken from the bridge on 56th Street

Hillsborough River looking over bridge on 56th Street



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  1. NS says:

    I’ve been to Busch Gardens… it’s very cool!

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