So we came in as the 22nd best city in America. Obviously the dudes tallying this never actually visited Tampa, Florida. They placed dumb cities like New York (at #1) and Los Angeles (at #2) ahead of us. Geez, people in NYC inhale crazy pollution all day. And surfers on the west coast hide every time a heavy truck rolls by. Here in Tampa, we enjoy the sun, fresh air, and friendship with all of our neighbors, no matter who they are. We love them. And whenever a hurricane is on it’s way, you said it: road trip!!

However, those naïve dudes doing this survey (i.e. Resonance Consultancy, a tourism and economic development agency) were at least right about one thing. We beat Miami. And at the end of a long work day, this is all that matters. Suck it, Miami. Just kidding, we love Miami too. The party never stops there according to Will Smith.

Tampa, Florida. USA. Enjoy the sunshine.

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