There is another place called Tampa in America. But it’s ok. The others are located in Colorado and Kansas, which is at least 10 hours drive from the coast. And everyone knows the real Tampa is situated right next to amazing beaches with pristine white sand stretching out into deep blue waters.

Perhaps you’d say I’m being too dramatic. What’s the big deal which Tampa is which. It’s not like one happens to be a multi Super Bowl champion, or two-time Stanley Cup winners. Oh wait. That’s us. Toss in USF, Bush Gardens, The historic Hyde Park, and Ybor, we are Tampa.

I will admit though, some of us do envy those magnificent Rocky mountains in Colorado, or the adventurous wild wild west plains in Kansas. So fine, all of you other Tampa locations, you can share our name if it makes you feel better. We like sharing.

City of Tampa, Florida. USA.

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