Since the Calusa tribes occupied Southwest Florida in 1575, there have been reports of visitors from other worlds. They were described as arriving within unusual lightning strikes, known at the time as, Sticks of Fire. These strange encounters were never confirmed and even till now, extraterrestrials in Tampa, Florida continues to be a myth.

However, it is not difficult to imagine that aliens did arrive and have been a major influence in our society. The only evidence is strange architectural designs, which started appearing when the city was later developed.

We got photos!!… here are a few of these unique structures submitted to us by UFO enthusiasts.

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-001Seen from Interstate 4, East Lake-Orient Park, Florida

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-002Taken from the bridge at West Cass Street, Tampa, Florida

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-003On the corner of Bessie Coleman Boulevard and North Hoover Boulevard, Tampa, Florida

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-005xStadium Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-004Florida 685, Tampa, Florida, United States

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-006Old Water Street / South Harbour Island Boulevard, Tampa, Florida

Tampa-Bay-UFOs-007x1500 Penny Street, Tampa, Florida, United States


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