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Florida Man Finds Boa Constrictor Hiding Inside His New Couch
Dec 07th, 2021 00:54 UTC A man in Florida found a boa constrictor inside his couch just days after buying it. He had spotted the slithering snake deep inside and contacted officers with the Clearwater Police Department for

Police: Florida boy, 3, accidentally shoots self in shoulder
Dec 07th, 2021 07:34 UTC Police say a 3-year-old Florida boy is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the shoulder with a gun.

Florida boy, 3, accidentally shoots himself
on 06th of Dec 2021 A 3-year-old Clearwater, Florida boy is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the shoulder with a gun, police said.

Clearwater, FL Coronavirus Updates & News For December 7
Dec 07th, 2021 02:07 UTC Latest coronavirus headlines from Clearwater, Pinellas County and across Florida: Elite Vaccine Clinic Probe Moves Forward After FL Ethics Meeting; Viral Venice High, League Lockout, Bucs Busted: FL

Florida Man Finds Huge Snake Hiding Deep Inside New Couch [Photos]
Dec 07th, 2021 03:10 UTC The man told the cops that he just got the couch the other day and “thinks the snake was hiding in the couch when it came to his house.”

Police extract 5-foot snake burrowed inside Florida man’s new couch
on 06th of Dec 2021 Officers responded to the Marilyn Pines condominiums after a man reported that a snake was nesting in his couch.

‘It’s a jungle out there’: Florida police pull 5
on 06th of Dec 2021 A Florida man called police Saturday afternoon when he found a 5-foot-long red-tailed boa deep inside his new couch, Clearwater police said.

Police pull 5-foot snake from couch in Florida condo
on 06th of Dec 2021 We know Florida is strange and so was this call to police for help. Clearwater Police Department got a call from a resident in a 55+ condominium community about a snake hiding in his couch, and the

Red-tailed boas aren’t native to Florida; how did one end up in a Clearwater couch?
(Dec 2021) A Clearwater man got a slithery surprise after finding a boa hiding in his couch, but how did a snake native to Central and South America find its way into a condo? Clearwater police tweeted Saturday

New cheap nonstop flights offered from Clarksburg to Florida
Dec 07th, 2021 07:27 UTC Allegiant will begin offering nonstop flights from North Central West Virginia Airport to Petersburg, Fla. starting in March.

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