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Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card Scam In FL: What To Know
on 10th of Apr 2021 Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joined 45 other state attorneys general in calling for tech companies to crack down on fake coronavirus vaccine cards sold online. (David Allen/Patch) FLORIDA

Baby critically injured in motorcycle crash while riding on Florida man’s lap, police say
(Apr 2021) CLEARWATER, Fla. – A Florida man who was driving a motorcycle with his young stepdaughter in his lap is facing several charges after she was seriously injured when he ran a stop sign and laid down his

Tyler Gillespie explains ‘The Thing About Florida’
(Apr 2021) rambling around Clearwater Beach with his mom and admiring the shuffleboard players at his great-grandmother’s mobile home park. So he has an insider’s view of the phenomenon that grew out of the

As Bad Information Spreads, Florida Schools Seek To Teach ‘Digital Literacy’
(since Mar, 2021) At Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla., 16-year-old Sage Waite is already taking a class in cybersecurity, and she’d welcome one that’s

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