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In Tampa, St. Pete and Orlando, the Florida ‘Race to Zero’ has started | Column
on 12th of May 2021 This year’s Florida Climate Week brought together leaders in climate solutions from across the state, throughout the country and around the world. As sustainability directors for three of Florida’s

Antisemitic Flyers Circulating in Florida City: ‘St. Pete Is Not Going to Stand for Racism’
(May 2021) John O’Neill/Wikimedia. Antisemitic flyers described as “disturbing” were found circulating in St. Petersburg, Florida, local

Equality Florida backs Darden Rice for St. Pete Mayor
(May 2021) Equality Florida Action PAC, the state’s largest LGBTQ political action committee, announced its support Monday for St. Petersburg mayoral candidate Darden Rice. The organization credited its

In St. Pete, voting and civil rights advocates speak out against Florida elections bill
(May 2021) Among the changes in the bill include new identification requirements for voters requesting vote-by-mail ballots. Florida has had a voter ID law on the books for years, but the new law now requires

St. Petersburg teacher finds giant mammoth bone in Florida river
(since Apr, 2021) It was really neat to see that be discovered.” Divers Derek Demeter and Henry Sadler are used to finding prehistoric treasures when they trawl Central Florida waterways. But no amount of experience

Marine Biology Research Grant To Fund Florida Southern College Study Of Environmental Impacts On Florida Stone Crabs
May 13th, 2021 05:45 UTC A grant sponsored by the Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF) will support important student/faculty research on Florida’s stone crab fishery, to be conducted in summer 2021 by Florida

St. Petersburg’s Mize gallery opens Florida
(May 2021) The Art of All Things Florida,” opening at St. Petersburg’s Mize Gallery on May 7. Included in the lineup is Colorado expat Alyssa Marie who frequently meets people while she swoons over pelicans at

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