A Florida-based foundation restored over 100,000 corals. The NOAA is giving them $2.5 million to restore more

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Since 2007, the nonprofit has planted more than 100,000 endangered corals back onto the Florida Reef.

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The work takes on a new level of importance in light of a recent report that says global warming is hitting oceans especially hard and posing a threat to the world’s coral reefs.

“Severe marine heatwaves have recently become a common feature of global ocean conditions due to a rapidly changing climate,” the report states. “These increasingly severe thermal conditions are causing an unprecedented increase in the frequency and severity of mortality events in marine ecosystems, including on coral reefs. The degradation of coral reefs will result in the collapse of ecosystem services that sustain over half a billion people globally.”

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Date: 2019-09-26T17:58:01
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