Alligator ‘preparing for takeoff’ at MacDill Air Force Base

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TAMPA, Fla. – Staff at a U.S. Air Force base in Florida had to bring in a front-end loader to remove an alligator that was lounging on a runway.

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Alligator Blocks Runway at Florida Air Force Base

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the large reptile was spotted Tuesday morning on a MacDill Air Force Base flight line. The base shared a photo of the creature on Facebook, saying the friendly alligator was just ‘preparing for take-off.’

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MacDill spokesman 2nd Lt. Brandon Hanner says alligator sightings are common around the base, which is located on Tampa Bay. He says the alligator probably surfaced from one the base’s bodies of water.

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Gator Blocks Runway At MacDill Air Force Base In Tampa

The wing safety office’s wildlife manager organized the animal’s removal, scooping it into the bucket of the loader.

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‘Friendly’ alligator wanders onto Florida Air Force base, lounges on runway

While gators are regularly seen in the bodies of water surrounding the base, they aren’t frequent visitors to the flight line. The base’s wildlife manager told the Air Force Times‘this was the first time he’s seen one on a runway in his five’years on the job.

Safety office personnel coaxed the gator into the bucket of a small front-end loader and relocated the trespasser to its probable home near the base, MacDill spokesman 2nd Lt. Brandon Hanner told the news outlet. The gator was reportedly not harmed during its removal.

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The Air Force had to use a loader to remove a rogue gator from the MacDill flight line

In true Florida fashion, another gator crawled its way into a surprising spot. This time, onto the flight line at MacDill Air Force Base.

The base posted a photo of the gator on its social media calling it “Your friendly, #TeamMacDill gator ‘ preparing for take-off.”

MacDill spokesman 2nd Lt. Brandon Hanner said the alligator was found early Tuesday morning. Since gator sightings happen regularly around MacDill, Hanner said this alligator likely surfaced from one of the base’s bodies of water.

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