At USF Tampa, ‘Arroz con Frijoles’ invites art fans to experience a different side of Hispanic culture

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Arroz Con Frijoles takes on new flavor this weekend at USF’s Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery when six Hispanic/Latinx artists come together to immerse viewers into their culture by educating and sharing ‘

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(L-R) Natalie Casco, Christian Carmelino, Alejandro G’mez Hern’ndez, Marty De la Cruz, Ellie Arias and William Omar Valdes.Courtesy

As a diverse group of artists, Ellie Arias, Christian Carmelino, Natalie Casco, Marty De la Cruz, Alejandro G’mez Hern’ndez & William Omar Valdes speak on the topics of gender, stereotyping, queer identity and immigration in relation to Hispanic culture.’

Some of the stereotypes confronted in this exhibition are that of the ‘machismo,’ hyper-dominant masculine figure and the exoticization of Latina females and their ‘feisty’ personas as presented in the media. Casco’s photographic work ‘Real Latina’ especially speaks on the image of women.

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