‘Bachelor’ star Bekah M reveals contestants have to buy their own wardrobe: ‘I was so broke I returned everything that still had tags on’

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They don’t want to give you any kind of hints about where you’ll be going, so they tell you to pack everything ‘ bikinis, snow gear ‘ and when I found out we were going to Florida I ordered a couple of swimsuits online that were about $20 each.

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Ever wonder how much Bachelor contestants spend on their wardrobe? Thanks to Bekah Martinez, it’s confirmed: the girls fork out a lot.
Martinez, or ‘Bekah M’ as the fan-favorite was known as on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, breaks down how much it costs for the girls to compete for love ‘ and look good while doing it. Turns out those fancy dresses they all have to wear at cocktail parties are not provided by production. 
‘Basically the only packing list you get is like, ‘OK, prepare for eight weeks and all kinds of weather

Between cocktail parties and rose ceremonies, Martinez figured she needed around 10 dresses to be on the safe side, assuming she would go far.

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