Bacharach thinks President Donald Trump is dangerous and must be defeated.

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[ Burt Bacharach, singing and rallying Florida seniors for Biden, doesn’t hold back on Trump. ‘I can’t stand this man.’ ]
Burt Bacharach, taking to the political stage at age 92, is using song, reminiscences and commentary on current events to rally Florida seniors to vote for Joe Biden.

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He didn’t hold back in a Zoom video conference on Thursday evening. Bacharach thinks President Donald Trump is dangerous and must be defeated.

‘I can’t stand this man,’ Bachrach said, offering his view that Trump can’t be trusted. ‘He’s a dishonest person. We’ve got to get rid of this lie machine, the perpetual constant lies and the noise that goes with it and he exhaustion that comes from him.’

At one point, early in the 55-minute video call, Bachrach said, ‘I can’t wait to get this bastard out of office.’

At that point, he was interrupted by another celebrity from an earlier era, Jon Bauman ‘ who was ‘Bowzer’ in the band Sha Na Na and acted as host for the Biden event. Bauman is a frequent presence on the campaign trail, working on behalf of Democratic candidates, especially in the Jewish community.

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‘I am a gambler, play racehorses,’ he told the county attorney according to ‘Organized Crime in Miami,’ a 2016 book by mob researcher Avi Bash. Later that morning, in Chicago, seven men from a rival gang of Capone’s were put up against a wall by four men, two of them dressed in police uniforms, and turned into Swiss cheese with a pair of Thompson submachine guns.

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