Climate change is here: floods in Florida, Toronto and Kerala show extreme weather events on the rise, with coastal cities most at risk

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In the morning, before she left for work, Ambika Thankappan called her son, Arun, to tell him their world was about to drown.

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‘Da, it’s already flooded to the nearby villages,’ she told him in a calm voice, using an affectionate Malayalam word for ‘boy’. ‘And it’s starting to reach our village.’

* * *

Arun jumped on his motorbike and set off through the rain towards their home. But the water was already a foot and a half deep. And it was rising, fast.

On a normal day, Arun would be working in a shop at Cochin International Airport, which serves the city of Kochi, in India’s southwestern coastal state of Kerala. Thankappan would be working at the same airport, collecting trolleys and lining them up for travellers. On a normal day, a man named Wilson Perez would be picking tomatoes in Immokalee, Florida, in the United States, rather than seeking sanctuary in a high school; and in Toronto, Canada, Klever Freire and Gabriel Otrin would be doing something that 81 million people do, every day, without expecting to fight for their lives: riding in a lift.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Friday Night Freeze Up North – Salvageable Saturday

In theory, I agree. My son and his wife got married on Gull Lake in late October, because they love fall in Minnesota.

The trees sport psychedelic colors, Hail Mary football passes show up on Doppler, and neighbors wander the streets in inappropriate Halloween costumes. What’s not to like?

Tuesday was damp and dreary, but we’ll see a few more 70s in October. Don’t write lukewarm off just yet. This morning is a blunt reminder that the sun is as high in the sky as it was in mid-March, but the mercury hits 60F later on, with puddles of blue sky overhead.

The next reinforcing shot of Canadian air is brewing. A shower is possible Thursday, likely on Friday, when it may be just cold enough up north for a few lonely flurries.

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Hurricane Season 2018: Meet The Entrepreneur Who Cleans Up After These Natural Disasters-

Hurricane Florence is barreling down on the Carolinas’ coast, bringing winds as strong as 130 mph and up to 30 inches of rain. Projections put the Category 4 storm slamming into an area with more than 300,000 homes, becoming just the fourth ever major hurricane to make landfall in North Carolina. Rebuilding could cost almost $80 billion.

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