Coffee roasters King State debut Tampa spot that’s serving up much more

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We’re sitting in King State, the space he and business partner McTague opened at the end ‘ He’s an original member of Anberlin, an alternative/emo group from Florida;

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A little over five years ago, Nate Young, 32, and his brother-in-law Tim McTague, 36, were both touring the country in rock bands. They’d go to city after city, see a bunch of cool things, then come back to Tampa and see the folks doing cool things here leave for other cities.

‘I thought, Tampa’s not going to get cool unless someone stays here and makes it cool,’ Young said.

We’re sitting in King State, the space he and business partner McTague opened at the end of June on E Floribraska Avenue in Tampa. It’s the first brick-and-mortar location for the pair who spent the last handful of years steadily growing a coffee roasting brand of the same name.

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