Column: Florida and the world

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Florida is a bellwether state. Consider some of the most significant events of the last twenty years: 9/11 conspirators, Eli’n Gonzales, Terri Schiavo, the housing boom, the Great Recession,

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Florida’s $1 trillion economy rivals Hong Kong and is greater than Switzerland or Argentina. Florida’s 21.6 million inhabitants surpasses Romania and approaches Niger’s population.

Florida’s identity with the world has always been complicated. Just where does Florida belong? Is it America’s southernmost continental state whose capital, Tallahassee, is a day’s walk to Georgia? Or is it the northern rim of the Caribbean? Key West, the Conch Republic, lies only 90 miles from Cuba but 832 miles from Pensacola.

Of course, one need not travel far in Florida to encounter foreign accents. More than 120 million tourists visit Florida annually, and those numbers include 3.5 million Canadians. So many Canadians huddle in the strip between Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale that Quebecoise can easily find newspapers published in French, as well as cafes serving poutine. A new term, Floribec, describes their French-Canadian/Florida identity.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Listen to blues, indie rock or jazz for Valentine’s week | Music Roundup

Last week, I mentioned in this column that Neko Case’s rendition of the Catherine Irwin song ‘Hex’ from ‘The Tigers Have Spoken’ album is one of the songs that always make my heart go thump when I hear it.

Monday night, she sang that song at The Moon. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t read my column, but I felt like she was singing it for me all the same.

I need a moment. I’m still processing that song, and the whole amazing concert, and the really wonderful opening set by Jennifer Castle.

Johnny Bobbitt sent back to New Jersey, again, to face charges in GoFundMe scam

Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner on Tuesday granted extradition to the Garden State, where Bobbitt, 35, will answer charges that he violated the conditions of his release from jail while awaiting trial. The judge also ordered that Bobbitt be returned to the Burlington County Jail.

Bobbitt’s attorney, Jordan Barnett of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, reminded his client in court that if he failed to appear again for any proceedings in New Jersey, it ‘could put us back in the same situation.’

Last month, a Superior Court judge in Mount Holly ordered Bobbitt to stay drug-free; attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings; provide the court with his address, a copy of his lease, and proof of efforts to find employment; and check in with pretrial staff to provide urine tests and updates.

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Queen & Adam Lambert Tour Dates For Summer 2019: See Them Here

Following the success of the music biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, original Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor are heading out on a 23-show tour with Adam Lambert.

The new show will push production boundaries, continuing to celebrate the innovation of Queen’s music and featuring the band’s most popular hits.’ ‘We have been designing a brand new visual spectacle that will reframe these iconic songs and we are excited to unveil it!’ said Lambert in a statement.

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