DeSantis wins Florida governor race, Scott claims Senate

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Moody is a former judge and federal prosecutor from the Tampa area who has ‘ former judge Mary Barzee Flores.

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) ‘ Republicans appeared set to sweep Florida’s top offices early Wednesday as Ron DeSantis won the governor race, Gov. Rick Scott claimed victory over incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and the party won two of three cabinet races and led in the third.

Democrats, meanwhile, flipped two Republican seats in Congress while losing none they currently hold, helping their party’s push to reclaim a majority in the House.

Voters also passed 11 of 12 proposed amendments to the state constitution. They restored the right of most felons to cast ballots, banned greyhound racing starting in 2021, banned offshore oil drilling and banned vaping in most workplaces.

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The Latest: Election Day 2018

FLORIDA ‘ The latest details of Election’Day 2018 as Florida voters decided who the new governor and senator would be (all times local):’

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Scott told supporters gathered in Naples that the election against incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson had been ‘divisive and tough’ but he vowed to change the direction of Washington, D.C.

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Nelson did not publicly concede the race. Shortly after midnight, his chief of staff took the stage with about a dozen supporters still left and declared Scott the winner based on numerous news media reports. He said Nelson would make a statement later Wednesday and declined to take any questions.

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Disasters and drama combine, again, in election-year Florida

The nation’s biggest swing state has two epic contests Tuesday, for governor and U.S. Senate, along with several races that could help determine who controls the U.S. House. As usual, they are critical to the national hopes of Democrats and Republicans. And, as usual, most are too close to call in a state with a rapidly changing population that somehow manages to produce cliffhangers every other November.

Voters this year are agitated by the same issues resonating elsewhere ‘ health care and immigration, among them ‘ but they also are motivated by a year of natural and man-made Florida-based disasters.

How racist robocalls and an FBI inquiry are shaking up the Florida governor’s race

Florida is a state of 21 million people and political contrasts: Trump won the state by a single point in 2016, and most in-state politicos believe this year’s governor and Senate races could be just as close.

The influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria and a national anti-Trump environment could be a boon for Democrats ‘ so could the fact that Gillum is an energetic black progressive ‘ but the Sunshine State has stayed stubbornly favorable toward Trump, a sentiment DeSantis clearly wants to tap into.

Gillum is the first black major-party gubernatorial candidate in Florida’s history, and his shocking win in the Democratic primary was in large part thanks to the enthusiasm of black voters, who make up a solid third of the Democratic base in the state.

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The Latest: DeSantis says he won despite ‘elites’

Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis says he won the governor’s race despite the “political and media classes” who had been eager to write his political obituary.

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In a victory speech Tuesday night, DeSantis called Election Day “the one day the elites don’t call the shots … and they don’t set the agenda.”

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The 40-year-old former U.S. congressman defeated Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a 39-year-old politician who pulled off an upset when he won the Democratic primary in August.

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