Horrified locals discovered Melissa Ann, then 18, face down – with her neck so twisted that her chin

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[ ‘Drunk driver’ girl, 18, paralyzed after being thrown 75ft from car in horror crash after beer pong session ]
A ‘DRUNK-driver’ teen was paralyzed when slung 75ft through a window in a horror car crash after a beer pong session.

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Horrified locals discovered Melissa Ann, then 18, face down – with her neck so twisted that her chin was resting on her shoulder.

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Melissa Ann had drunk a few beers with pals before getting behind the wheel of her pickup with her mate in the passenger seat.

She pulled up next to a car on a merging lane which “cut me off at the last second” and she got too close, smashing the brakes on at a bend and crashing.

As Melissa wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, she was hurled 75ft through the open window while her truck flipped countless times.

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Melissa told Real Fix: ‘Once my truck started flipping after getting caught on the shoulder of the road, neither one of us had put on our seatbelts for whatever crazy reason and we flipped about eight to ten times.

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Girl paralysed from neck down after being thrown 75ft through windscreen during horror drink-driving smash

Melissa Ann, now 27, necked four or five beers and played beer pong before getting behind the wheel of her pick-up truck and crashing it

A woman left paralysed from the neck down after crashing her car on the way home from a booze-fuelled teenage party has warned of the dangers of drink driving .

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