At the JAX Chamber’s annual Longest Table community dinner, a cross section of people from across

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[ Florida city’s inclusion program linking different people together ]
‘It’s one of my favorite events of the year,’ Willis said ‘ and] create connections that span neighborhoods,’ according to the chamber.

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At the JAX Chamber’s annual Longest Table community dinner, a cross section of people from across the city get to know each other, building relationships between neighborhoods.

For the past three years, on a mid-November evening, Wanda Willis sat down at a series of tables in the middle of Independent Drive in downtown Jacksonville and had a meal with about 600 strangers of different ages, races and backgrounds.

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Tuesday Briefing: Taste of the Fun Coast, UNF, Florida Park Drive, Affordable Housing

‘If you are frequently in rooms where you like absolutely everyone, congrats, I guess, but functioning in the real world requires dealing with a lot of very annoying people! That’s not to say you just have to get over a boss who clips his nails or eminent-domains your work, but, buddy, the world does not need your four paragraphs of flowery prose about the exact ways in which he sucks. Most people suck. (Fun fact: Millennials do not suck more than most.) You can deal with them or quit and go looking for a place where a smaller minority of them do, but bear in mind that you might suck, too, so don’t assume that working for yourself will be any better.’

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The Week – National Review

‘ Election Night was grim. Kentucky’s conservative governor, Matt Bevin, lost reelection, paying a price for seeking pension reform even as other Republicans in the state swept their races. Democrats carried both houses of the Virginia legislature, confirming the state’s drift into the blue ‘ especially since the election took place less than a year after scandals hit the Democratic governor and lieutenant governor. What’s ominous for Republicans is that the realignment in Virginia appears to be part of a national turn by the suburbs. President Trump, and Republican senators, should heed this warning rather than try to explain it away.

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A Design for Workforce Equity – Center For American Progress

After the fourth and final day of a job training program, a participant sits in the downtown public library on May 3, 2018, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Redesigning for equity in workforce development would ensure job quality for all workers, increase competitiveness, and drive inclusionary growth.

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