Florida First Lady to skip Trump rally because of execution

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On Monday, Trump’s re-election team sent out an advisory that Florida’s First Lady would be joining former ‘ that reason First Lady Casey DeSantis will not attend any public events,’ Helen Ferre,

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The second execution ordered by Gov. Ron DeSantis will keep First Lady Casey DeSantis from a campaign rally for President Donald Trump, according to the governor’s office.

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In case you are keeping track:

Turmoil in Puerto Rico ‘ Rubin’s ‘uncomfortable’ office ‘ Meet Epstein’s ties to Trump, Clintons ‘ The ballot initiatives are coming

Good Monday morning. The turmoil that has rocked Puerto Rico this month has taken a dramatic new turn that could result in the sidelining of a foe of Florida’s two senators.

Out of time ‘ Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced Sunday evening that he would not seek re-election next year, but otherwise refused to accede to demands that he immediately resign in the wake of corruption scandals and the release of hundreds of pages of offensive text messages and chats between Rossello and those in his administration.

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Sway ‘ This is quite the turn for someone who wanted to influence presidential elections, and tried to swing last year’s Senate race in Florida by endorsing Sen. Bill Nelson over Gov. Rick Scott. Rossello had also sparred with Sen. Marco Rubio, sharply criticizing him over the tax bill pushed through Congress in late 2017.

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Stephen Curry provides six years of funding for Howard University’s first Division I golf program

Thanks to Warriors star, Howard’s men’s and women’s golf teams will begin play in the 2020-21 school year

Senior Otis Ferguson IV had tried for years to launch a golf team at Howard University. He printed flyers, held interest meetings with prospective team members and even reached out to a nonprofit that offered to provide golf equipment. Yet, the team never got off the ground.

But that is about to change, thanks to Ferguson’s encounter at Howard earlier this year with NBA superstar Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who, like Ferguson, is an avid golfer. In January, Howard hosted a screening of Emanuel, a documentary about the 2015 massacre of nine black worshipers by a white supremacist at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Curry was executive producer of the film, and afterward, he was the star of a panel discussion about its creation. Ferguson made it his business to be there.

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Central Florida 100: Space, school and Puerto Rico

Last week: Real conservatives and conservationists have professed for years that saving land from development is fundamental to protecting our water supply and promoting economic vitality. Floridians have always understood the correlation, 75% voting for a constitutional amendment in 2014 to require the Legislature to fully fund land-buying programs like Florida Forever. Unfortunately, state lawmakers continue to avoid their constitutional responsibility. Now, however, a recent New England study proves the direct relationship between conserving land and local economic development. The results confirmed that buying land increased local employment without reducing new housing permits. Hopefully, those lawmakers who promote jobs while continuing to ignore their constituents’ wishes will see the light.

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Full Video: President Trump’s “Salute To America” July 4th Military Parade

CNN’s Jake Tapper discussed with his panel the potential outcomes of President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration that will include a parade showing off American military hardware. Tapper wondered if generals standing with Trump will walk off the stage if the president “starts attacking his…

FOX News media analyst Howard Kurtz on how Democratic presidential candidates are facing palpable pressure to be more progressive. HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: Well, James Carville, the old Ragin’ Cajun, offered this take to ‘The New York Times’: this is an election that Trump can’t win, but…

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