Florida Georgia Line performs at an elaborate, Adam Devine

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Brian Kelley smiles and flings his guitar pick into the crowd. A group near the site of impact scrambles on the floor to get their hands on it.

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‘Ugh, we were so close,’ a girl said, sighing, as she watched the victor clutch the souvenir to her chest. Being front-row at a private concert put on by one of country music’s biggest acts, Florida Georgia Line (commonly known as FGL), would have to suffice.

A sea of’camouflage’filled the floor of the Anthem on Wednesday night as Kelley, along with bandmate Tyler Hubbard, put on an elaborate’show’for military personnel and their families, live-streamed to bases around the globe for an event dubbed ‘The World’s Biggest USO Tour.’


‘I think Andy could give Bob Hope a run for his money,’ Goldfein said of Devine’s hosting skills.

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