Florida officials play ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat to keep homeless people out of local park

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Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida are temporarily playing “Baby Shark” and another ‘ creators of ‘Baby Shark’ bringing videos to Netflix?

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West Palm Beach, Florida officials’are playing “Baby Shark” and “Raining Tacos,” on loop overnight in an effort to ward homeless people away.

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Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida’are temporarily playing “Baby Shark” and another children’s song, “Raining Tacos,” on loop overnight in an effort to keep’homeless people away from the Lake Pavilion ‘ an event space by the city’s waterfront.

West Palm Beach parks and recreation director Leah Rockwell told the Palm Beach Post that the plan is a temporary solution that will give way to a more thorough plan to introduce formal hours to the waterfront park.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

TNH’s 50 Wealthiest Greeks in America 2019 List

Welcome to The National Herald’s Annual 50 Wealthiest Greeks in America List! It is my honor and privilege to spearhead this project for the first time this year. As such, I would like to say, at the risk of sounding cliche’ and unprofound, how incredibly proud I am to be a Greek-American with immigrant parents. Having read countless stories about the truly deserving individuals on our list, I can’t help but feel a renewed admiration for our people, our culture, our perseverance and our work ethic.

* * *

Americans love rankings and lists ‘ and Greek-Americans are no different. As such, this annual insert is year after year our most read special issue of all. However, I have come to find that the most popular part about it, the actual numbered rankings, is actually the least important. Although countless hours were spent researching and contacting the various individuals featured on our list, we are aware that this list is not all encompassing (some individuals do not like to be in the public eye) and that the net worth of the individuals are approximations (i.e., the stock market’s daily fluctuations may cause some people’s net worth to change minute by minute). This is a ‘problem’ that is not unique to The National Herald but also to Forbes, for example, which is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of such rankings.

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Video shows Fla. man attacking McDonald’s employee over straw – Channel3000.com – WISC

(CNN) – A new plastic straw law had unexpected consequences when a man lashed out at a worker at a fast food chain.

The Florida man had just gotten his order Monday evening at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg. He got upset when there weren’t any plastic straws out at the condiment station, witness Brenda Biandudi told CNN.

He walked back to the counter and got in a heated argument with an employee about the straws, Biandudi said. Then, video shows him reaching over the counter and grabbing the employee, Yasmine James.

A city ordinance went into effect on January 1 that requires customers to ask for straws. It’s a way for businesses to adjust before a ban on single-use plastic straws takes effect in January 2020.

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Welcome to Babcock Ranch, the Sunshine State’s first solar-powered town

BABCOCK RANCH, Fla. – The autonomous shuttle was parked for the night, but the town square was otherwise hopping. Kids in tie-dyed shirts cartwheeled on a lawn that has a pair of solar trees – free solar charging stations curved into massive green stems. Parents slipped off their shoes and admired the peach-hued southwest Florida sunset over the 300-acre lake. A singer strummed beneath an oak tree at the farm-to-table restaurant.

The Friday scene at this community, billed as the nation’s first solar-powered town, unfolded like a director’s take on an eco-utopia.

“It really is like a TV show, like Andy Griffith,” said Kara Fales, 36, in a #boymom shirt, as she and her sons, ages 5, 2 and 1, ate near the square. She and her husband, who manages restaurants, moved here in December, joining families drawn by nature, the promise of sustainable living and the A-rated charter school.

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NSU researchers decode Great White Shark Genome – The Current – The Student

A team of researchers from NSU’s Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center (SOSSRC) and Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI), Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Monterey Bay Aquarium, decoded the complete genome of the great white shark and compared it to the genome of other model organisms.

‘The idea was to look for things that were unique within the shark genome and things that were shared between the shark and other vertebrates, including a whale shark,’ said Mahmood Shivji, director of Save Our Seas Shark Research Center and Guy Harvey Research Institute at NSU.

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