Karli Ryan has never made it beyond auditions of “American Idol,” and has yet to make it on “The

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[ Florida singer, songwriter determined to forge own path in music business ]
Titled “Young Girl,” Ryan said she wrote about her experiences of “all ‘ Everyone wants to be young again and this song is a great way to say that.

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Karli Ryan has never made it beyond auditions of “American Idol,” and has yet to make it on “The Voice,” both popular reality talent television shows broadcast to millions.

Such rejection fuels her’determination, as the 19-year-old Milton‘native follows’her dream of making it big in the music business.

And’there’s no hint of bitterness in her voice, just an artist describing how she created the song that she hopes inspires others of any age.

“Every ‘no’ is another chance for me to take and grow’with it and run’with it. It doesn’t’matter how old you are. Everyone wants to be young again and this song is a great way to say that.’

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Many things are taking place:

Authenticity fuels success of country music artist Kylie Frey, performing in Pueblo this weekend

Frey, who is opening for Easton Corbin, has made it her mission in the music industry to live so authentically to herself that it inspires others to do the same.

‘I just want my fans and anyone that connects with me to just own their story in a way they maybe hadn’t before,’ Frey said.

Growing up a third-generation rodeo girl and Louisiana state goat-tying champion, Frey is no stranger to being a lone ranger in a world that continues to rely on what is trending.

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“It was just the way I grew up, and it comes out in my music. I was doing what I loved even if no one understood that, and I guess that kind of translates to music as well.’

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Billy Corgan Calls Singing at Cubs Game ‘Stuff of Nightmares’

‘The day of game’six, which was the famous [Steve] Bartman game where he reached over and kept Moises Alou from catching the ball,’ Corgan recalled to host Stryker, ‘that morning the Cubs called me and said, ‘There probably won’t be a game seven, but will you come sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ if there is?’

‘What an awesome opportunity,’ he recalled thinking, adding that the promise of a luxury box for him and his friends to watch the game made the offer even sweeter.

* * *

But fate had other plans. After Bartman’s infamous interference in game’six helped the Florida Marlins even the series, the Cubs would be forced into a decisive game seven. By the time Corgan was scheduled to perform, it was obvious Chicago would not be advancing.

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Latest Radio News, Talk Shows, Sports, Hosts, Personalities

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Country music’s reckoning: Black women forge their own path in whitewashed industry

Rissi Palmer was fed up with reading music articles that mentioned the same five country artists of color over and over again, seemingly erasing the expansive history of Black and brown artists’ contributions to country music.

That’s why Palmer, a successful country artist who has performed at the White House, Lincoln Center and the Grand Ole Opry, started her Apple Music radio show, “Color Me Country.” The show aims to recognize and validate the presence and history of Black and brown women in country music, including Mickey Guyton, Tiera, Miko Marks and many others.

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Black, Female and Carving Out Their Own Path in Country Music

The singer-songwriters Mickey Guyton, Miko Marks, Rissi Palmer, Reyna Roberts and Brittney Spencer may represent several generations and hail from different regions of the United States, but they share a common dream: making a living in country music like the women who inspired them, a list that includes Loretta Lynn and the Chicks. That they don’t have a Black female role model who ascended to those levels of stardom deters them not one iota; they plan to be the change they want to see in Nashville.

In the past decade, women were increasingly pushed to the genre’s margins as the heavily male bro-country aesthetic dominated. The disparity has played out on country radio, which is still largely responsible for breaking acts and maintaining their status. In the infamous ‘Tomatogate’ uproar of 2015, a male radio consultant asserted in a salad analogy that women should be akin to tomatoes ‘ sprinkled into the mix. A 2019 study examining data from Mediabase, a service that monitors airplay, found that between 2002 and 2018, male solo artists received 70 percent of spins at country radio.

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Sunday Business Page: The 30 Most Powerful Words in the English Language

KDKA’s Jon Delano spoke with Dr. Roger Davis about his book “The 30 Most Powerful Words in the English Language.”

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Police rushed to the scene of the reported shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, on Thursday afternoon.

The US and Iran are involved in indirect talks in Vienna this week as part of an effort to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

A remote-powered camera glides through the sunlit, turquoise waters of this corner of the western Indian Ocean, capturing rare footage of what scientists believe is the world’s largest seagrass meadow. Human activity is helping destroy the equivalent of a soccer field of these seagrasses every 30 minutes around the world, according to the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP). “There are a lot of unknowns — even things as simple as how much seagrass we have,” said Oxford University earth observation scientist Gwilym Rowlands, who is helping the Seychelles government map the island nation’s seagrass and estimate how much carbon it stores.

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