Meanwhile, the effort to elect former Vice President Joe Biden in Florida is beset with criticism

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[ Florida’s summer to forget: How July derailed the presidential campaign in the biggest swing state ]
When the story of the 2020 election is written, July will not be remembered as a high point for either of the two major political parties in Florida.

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In the middle of a pandemic, Republicans chased a doomed party convention in Jacksonville that President Donald Trump ultimately canceled mid-month because of the coronavirus. And with his Florida poll numbers in free fall, Trump ousted his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who was especially invested in the Sunshine State

Democrats stepped into scandal last month by taking federal loans intended to help businesses hurt by the coronavirus, stirring an intra-party fight over the blunder. Meanwhile, the effort to elect former Vice President Joe Biden in Florida is beset with criticism from rank-and-file Democrats who fear the party is on the same failed trajectory as four years ago.

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Many things are taking place:

Florida’s summer to forget: How July derailed the presidential campaign in the biggest swing state

Missteps, shakeups, internal strife ‘ none of this is uncommon in the sometimes messy world of presidential campaigns. In conversations with the Tampa Bay Times, representatives for both candidates suggested there’s a long way to go until Election Day ‘ now 93 days away.

But this is Florida, the king of all swing states, where elections are won and lost by razor-thin margins. Given the stakes, concerns over any unforced errors are amplified.

‘It’s too early to panic,’ said state Rep. Anna Eskamani, an Orlando Democrat. ‘But at the same time, way too many silly mistakes are being made.’

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Coronavirus crisis comes at a critical time for DeSantis ‘ What does the governor owe Trump? ‘ Warren blasts Florida House over union bill

Good Tuesday morning. Gov. Ron DeSantis was supposed to spend the next two weeks shepherding his legislative priorities for 2020 across the finish line.

Take the long way home ‘ But the rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis has scrambled that for the Republican governor. Instead he is having to reassure a skittish public, begin negotiations with legislative leaders over more money for health resources, and deal with questions about how, when, why and whether the state delayed letting the public know that two residents tested positive for the virus.

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Ain’t nobody but me ‘ And oh, by the way, DeSantis’s pick for state surgeon general, Scott Rivkees, has yet to be confirmed by the Florida Senate. If you recall, Rivkees’s record at University of Florida caused some senators to recommend against his confirmation. But with Rivkees now serving as point man on Florida’s response to coronavirus, potentially robbing of the Senate its leverage over his confirmation… unless something goes awry.

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Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 6.12.20

Happening overnight ‘ ‘Republican National Convention coming to Jacksonville‘ via Christopher Hong and Emily Bloch of the Florida Times-Union ‘ The announcement confirms weeks of speculation that the RNC had chosen Jacksonville to host the full-scale celebration Donald Trump insists on having after officials in North Carolina declined to guarantee the full use of facilities in Charlotte, the original host of the convention, out of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Charlotte will still host the convention’s business meetings, but the event will conclude in Jacksonville, the most populous city in Florida, with Trump’s acceptance of the party’s nomination. It’s unclear whether any other events will take place in the city. Despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak that appears to spread faster ‘ Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry lobbied hard to bring parts of the convention to the city.

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News for Sunday, August 2, 2020 | Ellington

MANILA, Philippines ‘ Coronavirus infections in the Philippines surged past 100,000 Sunday after medical groups declared that the country was waging ‘a losing battle’ against the virus and asked the president to reimpose a lockdown in the capital.

A study from the consumer ratings website reports that Idaho has some of the slowest internet connectivity in the country.

On the day he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Willie McCovey was asked how he’d like to be remembered.

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DETROIT (AP) ‘ Despite fears that the coronavirus pandemic will worsen, Victor Gibson said he’s not planning to take advantage of Michigan’s expanded vote-by-mail system when he casts his ballot in November.

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