Four reasons USF can rebound at Georgia Tech

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TAMPA ‘ We’re not about to try explaining away an inexplicable performance. USF’s dreadful exhibition in its 49-0 loss to Wisconsin transcends a bad throw here or botched assignment there.

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Instead of the perfect effort the Bulls needed, a nation saw a putrid one. Still, we don’t think the stench will linger. Friday’s debacle represented an imperfect storm of sorts; a convergence of bad execution, a bad matchup, and yes, bad luck.

Here are four reasons we see the Bulls rebounding ‘ perhaps in a big way ‘ Saturday at Georgia Tech.

Though we still haven’t been told why the 5-foot-5 slot receiver was sidelined for the Wisconsin game, Strong has said he’ll return Saturday.

Believed to be the key component in new coordinator Kerwin Bell’s offense (where diminutive, dynamic playmakers historically have flourished), Ford’s absence limited the options in Bell’s playbook.

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