Freshman Jasmine Hale learning the ropes with UW women’s basketball team

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Hale said her mom, Stephanie, who played soccer at Florida State, got over it ‘ ‘eventually ‘ ‘I’m small and I need to adapt to the physicality of being on a Big Ten team and playing against bigger ‘

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As the daughter of a basketball playing father and a soccer playing mother, it was seemingly inevitable that Jasmine Hale would try her hand at each sport and ultimately have to pick between them.

The suspense didn’t last long, however, as young Jasmine made her choice early, effectively retiring from soccer after her one season of participation as a kindergartner.

‘I wasn’t into it,’ Hale said. ‘I’d just stand in the middle of the field and braid my hair. I’d be running the wrong way. I just wasn’t paying attention, I wasn’t into it.’

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Heavy storms and thunder, like the one that came through Houston Monday, can cause anxiety in children who had a tramautic eperience with Hurricane Harvey. Children will experience feelings that remind them of the disaster. | Michael Slaten/The Cougar

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It was a poignant tribute to Radley, who on Fridays after the garbage truck collected trash in the neighborhood, would pull the garbage cans from the street back to the homes of his neighbors’ all 29 of them.

Shortly after moving into the neighborhood several years ago, Hochstetler said she was confused when she looked out the window and didn’t see her garbage can on the street.

“It was tucked up against the garage door, and here’s Ken just going from house to house pulling up the trash bins,” she said. “He did this every week. And if the recycling pickup was that week, he did it twice.”