From ‘Wife Swap’ to Florida politics, couple leads push for voter referendum that targets fears of noncitizens voting

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Florida’s 2018 recount is over ‘ TALLAHASSEE ‘ In an annual Tallahassee tradition, a spree of fundraising events will take place Monday on Adams Street, next door to the Capitol,

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Gina Loudon has proudly proclaimed Donald Trump to possibly be the ‘most sound-minded’ president in the nation’s history and boasted about spending time with him on Air Force One.

She even once appeared as a ‘staunch tea party activist’ on the television show ‘Wife Swap’ to promote her conservative family values.

Now, the West Palm Beach-based political commentator and her husband have a new mission ‘ pushing a ballot initiative that would change the Florida Constitution to specify that ‘only a citizen’ can vote.

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THE SUPREME COURT’S October decision allowing North Dakota to implement its voter ID law on Nov. 6 is drawing celebrities who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation two years ago back to the Flickertail State. This time, singer Dave Matthews, actor Mark Ruffalo and others are urging Native Americans to take extra steps to ensure their votes are counted.

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