GOP power struggle in Florida ‘ Rick Scott’s millions ‘ What should happen to the Pulse site? ‘ Gator hunting time

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Story Continued Below Team Trump ‘ Don’t get us wrong ‘ from being prosecuted for their alleged role in supplying him with teenage girls.

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Taking swings ‘ So, here’s what we know about the current intrigue in Gov. Ron DeSantis’ palace: The administration is very popular, any poll will tell you that, but that does not mean the internal squabbling ends. The streets of Tallahassee runneth over of chatter about infighting and political elbowing. And in the circles that dominate the Capitol, the talk is often the real game.

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Team Trump ‘ Don’t get us wrong, all involved are loyal Republicans who will no doubt row in the same direction come 2020. But sometimes following the path of the elbows thrown can lead to important stories. And right now Florida’s political center rests on a quiet internal fight among Republicans jockeying for position in the orbit of a governor still finding his way.

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This may worth something:

Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 5.8.19

Happy birthday to Ashley Walker, the savviest Democratic consultant in Florida (please don’t tell Eric Johnson we wrote that.)

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President Donald Trump will be in storm-damaged Panama City tonight for a campaign rally to enhance his 2020 re-election bid.

But the main issue that will be on everyone’s mind is how to break the political gridlock in Washington that has kept federal aid from reaching Panhandle areas struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael.

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