Graham Brink: Florida is in a must-win fight for talented workers

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TAMPA ‘ Florida’s economic future hinges on talent ‘ nurturing and retaining the homegrown kind and attracting it from other places. As the state grows, we need more entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors and good teachers.

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We also must be prepared to grab a big share of the occupations that don’t exist yet, the ones that right now are no more than an itch in the back of some genius’ mind. Think how personal computers or mobile phones changed the world, and the workforce. But the next transformation ‘ some would call it disruption ‘ will likely happen even faster.

The competition to fill those openings with high-quality workers goes beyond Georgia or Texas or Michigan. Florida is in a race against the rest of the world.


China would be happy to grab a chunk of the state’s aerospace industry. Florida is big on biotech, but so is India, Singapore and South Korea. Want to keep growing oranges and strawberries? We’d better have enough talented people around to innovate faster than Brazil and Mexico.

While you’re here, how about this:

Graham Brink: Florida is in a must-win fight for talented workers


Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, thinks talent is “the most important thing for Florida’s future.”

“The truth is that talent has already replaced the tax incentive as the No. 1 most important tool in the economic” development toolkit, Wilson said Tuesday at the Chamber’s Learners to Earners Workforce Summit in Tampa.

As evidence, he pointed to parts of California and Seattle, not exactly low-cost havens, that nonetheless are rich in talent.


Florida needs some cities on that list, both to attract outside talent and to keep our native high-achievers. Too often we cultivate talent in our universities, colleges and trade schools only to see it flee to other states.

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