Here’s where Tampa Mayor Jane Castor stands on transportation

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That rail line is already there. We’ll shorten the time frame to get people on it. It would be a solution from South Tampa all the way up to [University of South Florida],

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Tampa Mayor Candidates 2019: Jane Castor

WUSF Public Media’ asked all seven candidates for Tampa Mayor to answer a questionnaire outlining their stands on some of the major issues facing the city.

The questions focused on critical issues including transportation, affordable housing, growth, the attraction of high-paying tech jobs. They also were asked about their visions.

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As Mayor, I want to work to ensure that we are implementing effective transportation solutions with the new transportation funding from the sales tax referendum, so that we’re not just moving people from point A to point B but connecting our diverse communities. The growth our city is currently experiencing is only going to continue. While Tampa should be proud of what we have accomplished, taking the next step to being a worldwide leader requires a first-class transportation system that is affordable, accessible and innovative.

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