Hurricane Dorian Florida Hardened For Storms But Mph Winds Showed Goalposts Have Moved

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Three cows vanished during Hurricane Dorian. Months later, they’ve been found on an island miles from shore.
on 14th of Nov 2019 He told the Charlotte Observer they probably swam at least four miles to get there after Hurricane Dorian crashed into North Carolina’s coast in September, sweeping them out to sea. “Who knows exactly

Cows swept away by floodwaters during Hurricane Dorian were found alive four miles away on an island
on 14th of Nov 2019 (CNN)Three cows separated from their herd and swept away by Hurricane Dorian have been found miles from home in a national seashore park, a spokesman said. Dorian brought fierce winds, destructive

Hurricane Dorian and the mystery of the 3 ‘sea cows’: report
on 14th of Nov 2019 Three “sea cows” believed to have been swept away by the waters of Hurricane Dorian were discovered on an island off the coast of North Carolina weeks after the storm, according to a report by the

Cows swept out to sea during Hurricane Dorian found alive after swimming for miles
(Nov 2019) In early September, dozens of animals were swept out to sea in North Carolina during Hurricane Dorian, which hit the state as a Category 1 storm. Now, three cows have been found nearby, and officials

Cows swept out to sea by Hurricane Dorian are found months later — on the Outer Banks
on 14th of Nov 2019 Cape Lookout National Seashore on the Outer Banks has discovered three cows are roaming the national park, and it is believed they got there by swimming four to five miles across the Core Sound during

3 castaway cows swam to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to escape Hurricane Dorian
(Nov 2019) Three castaway cows have been discovered at a national seashore on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where they apparently washed up after swimming for several miles to escape ferocious Hurricane Dorian’s

3 Cows Swept Out to Sea by Hurricane Dorian Are Found Alive
(Nov 2019) Hurricane Dorian slammed into North Carolina as a Category 1 storm on Sept. 6, lashing the state with heavy rain, wind and flooding after it made landfall on the Outer Banks, a chain of narrow barrier

Cows lost at sea during Hurricane Dorian found alive in North Carolina
(Nov 2019) Three cows that were swept away during September’s Hurricane Dorian have reportedly been found roaming a national park on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The cows were living on Cedar Island at the time

Miracle dog finds a home in South Florida after Hurricane Dorian
(Nov 2019) He was skin and bones when rescuers found him more than a month after Hurricane Dorian leveled the northern Bahamas, but now he’s found a home and loving family in Palm Beach County. Named “Miracle,”

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