Hurricane Dorian Florida Hardened For Storms But Mph Winds Showed Goalposts Have Moved

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Hurricane Dorian Ravaged Bahamas’ Reefs, Researchers Find
(Feb 2020) The storm’s effects were uneven: About 30 percent of the country’s coral was destroyed, but some reefs appeared to be undamaged.

With 100 days until hurricane season, here’s a look at the storm names for 2020
(Feb 2020) The Myrtle Beach area saw limited effects from Hurricane Dorian last year, while Hurricane Florence in 2018, like Hurricane Matthew in 2016, caused some damage and destructive flooding. The beginning

Hurricane Dorian Devastated Bahamas’ Reefs, New Study Finds
(Feb 2020) Hurricane Dorian destroyed roughly 30% of the coral reef around the Bahamas.

As hurricane loomed, SC assisted living center didn’t act fast enough, state says
(Feb 2020) As Hurricane Dorian bore down on South Carolina, an assisted living center took too long to evacuate all its residents, state officials say. Now, Langit’s Assisted Living Facility in North Charleston

Lawsuit claims Central Florida woman misused thousands in Hurricane Dorian relief funds
(Feb 2020) The lawsuit claims a former partner of a foundation that helps with disaster relief kept over $400,000 raised for Dorian recovery efforts.

Increased hurricane threat has Duke Energy spending millions to strengthen grid
(Feb 2020) Duke Energy acknowledges that hurricanes have become more frequent and severe in its Carolinas and Florida operations. But instead of just talking about the weather, are they doing something about it?

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