Hurricane Michael is so bad that Waffle House has closed 30 restaurants

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Waffle House is known for staying open during some of the worst natural disasters, but Hurricane Michael managed to shut down 30 restaurants.

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The restaurant that never closes, closed their location in Panama City Beach, Florida in preparation for Hurricane Michael. The 24-hour restaurant chain is known for staying open during natural disasters. RYAN KRUGER, 11ALIVE

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner told USA TODAY that the closed restaurants were spread across two states, with 22 being closed in Florida and 8 in Georgia.

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One location in Panama City Beach, Florida, had what appeared to be a handwritten “closed” sign taped to its door Tuesday evening.’

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Hurricane Michael is so bad that some Waffle House locations in Florida have closed

Waffle House restaurants are known for keeping their lights on day and night, even during natural disasters. But as’Hurricane Michael‘approached the Florida Panhandle, 18 of the chain’s restaurants closed — a possible indicator of how serious the threat from this storm really is,’USA Today reported. ‘

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Waffle House closes 18 Florida locations ahead of Hurricane Michael

Waffle House restaurants don’t close unless absolutely necessary ‘ so the shuttering of 18 Florida locations ahead of Hurricane Michael speaks volumes about to the severity of the storm.

‘We have closed these restaurants yesterday so our employees can be safe as Hurricane Michael comes on shore,’ Waffle House spokesperson Pat Warner confirmed to Fox News.

‘We have staged people and resources outside of the strike zone to come into the area after the storm passes. We will assess the damage and begin to reopen the restaurants as soon as it is safe to do so.’

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The Waffle House Index is a real thing that the government uses to gauge natural disasters – The Southern Weekend

See, in 2011, FEMA administrator’Craig Fugate was in charge of Florida’s emergency response. The thing about Waffle House is that the restaurants are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So Fugate thought the restaurants would be a good indication of how a community was preparing for or recovering after a storm.

If Waffle House is open and serving full meals, FEMA knows things are going well and the index is green.

If the diner is only serving a limited menu, it tells FEMA there may be supply or power issues in an area. That equals a yellow on the index.

But if a Waffle House is closed, FEMA knows it’s bad, and the index turns red. Since Waffle House is so prepared for disasters, the index doesn’t turn red very often.

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Local Waffle House locations are ready to serve hot meals during, after storm

If you happen to be looking for a hot meal during and after the storm, Waffle House locations across Southwest Georgia will stay open.

They’ll serve hot meals, even if the power goes out. Each location has generators, an extra supply of food and water, and a full staff on hand.

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“We’re here to serve the community a hot meal and get the community back on track to normalcy,’ District Manager Jeremy Marshall said.

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One way federal officials determine the impact of a storm in any city is the “Waffle House Index,” as coined by former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate.

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Hurricane Michael is so bad that Waffle House has already closed 18 restaurants

Pat Warner, director of personal relations for Waffle House, told USA TODAY the closed restaurants were locations in Florida evacuation zones from Panama City to Destin. And, he doesn’t expect them to be closed for too long.’

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Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm, is forecast to’rush ashore’in’Florida on Wednesday afternoon’as’the strongest storm ever to hit the state’s exposed Panhandle.

Other restaurants in the path of the storm are stocking up on food today, Warner said. The Waffle House Storm Center, a team that mobilizes during extreme weather,’has been monitoring the storm’s path since Monday, and’Warner said he anticipates more closures when the storm makes landfall.’

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