This Weekend S Kids Family Activities In Bronx

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Assessing risk: Have you changed your weekend plans since the pandemic
(since Jul, 2020) We asked many of you if the pandemic has changed your weekend plans drastically, and 70% of poll takers said yes, and the other 30% said no Friday. We spoke to a Southwest Florida mom about the

Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort to enhance its outdoor experience with waterpark, outdoor restaurant
on 07th of Aug 2020 Carlton Golf Resort is enhancing its outdoor experience, with plans to add a waterpark, outdoor restaurant and bar and new lawn for events.

Work Like a Dog Day: Meet Orlando’s working dogs
(Aug 2020) Work Like a Dog Day (Aug. 5) is a holiday celebrating a hard work ethic. For this day, meet some of Orlando’s hardest working K-9s, including a herding dog, therapy dog and police dog.

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