MacDill reviewing transportation plans after crowds jam roads for AirFest 2018

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TAMPA ‘ Tampa Bay AirFest 2018 pulled in a whopping 150,000 people and more over three days last week, including practice on Friday.

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But that proved to be more people than the transportation plan could handle, delaying arrival by hours for some and preventing others from getting into MacDill Air Force Base at all.

It’s always been difficult to move so many people for an event held on an occasional basis, but this year organizers thought the use of shuttle buses from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit would help.


“Is something wrong with the buses”? one person asked Saturday on the MacDill Facebook page, following up with this sad story:

“We are here at Brritton (sic) Plaza and waiting for more than two and a half hrs. and only two buses show is 11:27 and still waiting … So sad waiting two years for this show and wasting the time waiting for the bus. I decide to not drive into the Base to avoid the traffic at the end of the show but that was a bad decision.”

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MacDill reviewing transportation plans after crowds jam roads for AirFest 2018


HART officials say the buses, like other vehicles, got caught up in traffic and by security checks at the base’s main Dale Mabry gate.

“The buses started on time but what might have caused delays was the security at the gate,” HART spokeswoman Sandra Morrison said. “There was only one gate open that allowed for buses and regular vehicles to enter the base. Our buses were running every 15 minutes from Britton Plaza but due to the congestion caused by tight security at the gate there were delays.”

Morrison said it might be wise during future shows to have the buses use a different gate to speed things up.

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