Manatee poke lands Tampa boat captain in federal court

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David Beede, proprietor of a charter fishing business, was caught on video touching a manatee with a fishing rod. The incident nets him community service.

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TAMPA ‘ It is a federal crime to harass a manatee. As a charter boat captain, David Beede knows this. He knows there are special laws to protect endangered species like the heavyset fauna which lounge in the warm waters off Florida’s coastlines. He would never want to hurt one.

So as he sat Tuesday at a defense table in a Tampa federal courtroom facing possible prison time, Beede seemed perplexed as to how exactly he ended up here.

Beede, the proprietor of Shallow Point Fishing Charters, admitted that months earlier he’d used a fishing rod to touch a manatee off Weedon Island. He said he was only trying to help the animal, which had a worm or a fishing lure stuck to its back.

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Date: 2020-11-18T10:00:00Z
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